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Sedation Dentistry in Halifax

Most of our procedures can be done in the dental chair using regular dental freezing. We offer sedation options for patients who suffer from anxiety or for procedures that may take a long time.

Patients wanting a mild level of sedation may choose nitrous oxide. This traditional dental sedative produces a calming level of sedation and it wears off quickly after it is administered.

For a mild to moderate level of sedation we can prescribe an oral anti-anxiety medication or sedative that you would take prior to your appointment. The level of sedation can be adjusted depending on your needs.

Intravenous (IV) sedation provides a high level of sedation and creates an almost sleep-like state during your treatment. You will not be aware of your treatment while you are sedated.

Please note that all sedatives will leave you legally impaired and unable to drive a vehicle so you will need to arrange transportation home from our office. You will also need to arrange to have a caregiver present for 24 hours after your appointment.

Mild Conscious Sedation

This type of sedation is performed for those who are somewhat nervous or anxious about the procedure. The goal for this sedation is to “take the edge off”. You are meant to be awake during the procedure and can converse with your dental team.

Oral sedation

An anti-anxiety medication is provided to as you come to the office 1 hour prior to your appointment. Following an assessment of your vitals, the appropriate dose is given to you.

Nitrous Oxide

Commonly know as “Laughing gas” is another form of mild sedation that is utilized by breathing in nitrous and oxygen gas. The main advantage of this form is that patients make 100% recovery almost immediatley once the gas is turned off.

Combination of Oral + Nitrous Oxide

In some cases, a combination of the two is indicated for patients who are moderately nervous.

Moderate Conscious Sedation

For patients with extreme nervousness, IV sedation provides a moderate level of impairment. A combination of benzodiazepine and narcotic drugs are infused through a vein in the arm. Such moderate sedation may cause drowsiness in some or a sleeping state in others. Loss of memory about the procedure is a common side effect with this procedure.

Patient Instructions

Depending on the level of sedation that you and your periodontist choose, please make sure to the read the instructions found here.


All sedation performed at Ocean Periodontal are for outpatient purposes only.

With the exception of Nitrous Oxide sedation only, all other types of sedation require a patient escort who can travel with the patient and is able to check in on the patient at their residence the day of the procedure.

It is very important to confirm all of your medications (including herbal medications) and supplements to your dental team as the dosages for sedation can vary greatly depending on the type of mediation in the patient’s system.

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